Different Uses for a Wok

Do you only use your wok for stir-fry and other asian style meals? Well you are missing out on so many different ways to use this piece of equipment.  You wok has so much more potential. Lucky for you we have provided you with a list of unique ways to make better use of this versatile utensil.


Ways to Use a Wok

    • With its wide top and plenty of room, a wok is great for tossing a salad.
    • Woks are great for making taco filling or any of the rice-and-pea sort of dishes like arroz con pollo or paella.
    • Since some find using a wok on an electric stove cumbersome and inefficient, use it in a completely un-culinary way as an elegant flower pot to decorate a garden area.
    • A 14-inch wok is perfect for mixing batters and kneading the dough.
    • A wok is great for scrambling eggs, especially in large quantities. The eggs cook almost instantaneously, with no sticking, even if you’ve pre-cooked some vegetables before adding the eggs to the wok.
    • Use an electric wok for beef fondue. It beats a regular fondue set—no denatured alcohol burning (and smelling), and the surface area is bigger. It works like a champ! Just be sure to watch that no one trips over the electric cord.
    • When cooking a Mexican-style meal, set your wok on very low heat and use it to keep tortillas warm.
    • It makes a dandy room freshener—put some water and a piece of lemon, orange, lime, cinnamon stick, etc, and put it on low heat.
    • Put mesquite chips in a wok and lay a rack over it. It imparts a quick smoked flavor to just about anything. Just make sure you have a good exhaust fan and putting foil on the bottom makes cleanup easier.
    • Use it as a steamer by placing an empty tuna fish can with both ends cut off in the bottom with water. Place a pan on top of the can and you’re good to go.
    • You can roast green coffee beans in a wok, though you need to do so outside (lots of smoke).
    • A wok is great for steaming lobster.