How To Properly Carve a Turkey

We’ve all been to that dinner party or restaurant where when the turkey comes out to the dinner table we are in awe of how perfect the turkey looks. Well we at least. So with the holidays fast approaching we thought it would be helpful to tell you how to properly carve a turkey. Keep reading to learn more!

Step-by-Step Guide to Carving a Turkey

  • Set up a carving station. Get your carving board, knife, and a serving platter ready before you start. A pair of tongs and paper towels are a good idea but not required.
  • Remove the leg and thigh from one side.Place the turkey’s so its cavity is facing you — the leg and thigh will be closest to you. Use the knife to slice through the skin between the breast and the thigh so you can see inside. Then set the knife down and grab the thigh — paper towels, a clean kitchen towel, or better yet, gloves, are helpful if the bird is still warm — and push down until the thigh joint releases and pops out. Cut the thigh off, then set the leg and thigh aside on the serving platter.
  • Remove the breast from that same side.Slice through the skin on the top of the turkey along the breastbone from the neck joint and the wishbone first. Then maneuver the knife through the breast meat, along the rib bone, removing as much meat as possible until it separates from the turkey. Set this breast on the platter as well.
  • Remove the wing.Pull each back, as you did the legs, and cut at the joint. Place on the platter.
  • Repeat on the other side. Repeat removing the thigh and leg, then breast, then wing on the other side. If you need to turn the turkey do so.
  • Slice up the breast and thigh pieces. Give your cutting board a wipe-down if needed. Then grab the thighs and cut the thigh meat off the bone and cut into smaller pieces, if desired. Finally, slice the breasts crosswise at a slight angle into 1/4-inch-thick slices.

Well we hope that your carving experience goes much better than before. For all of your kitchen knives and cooking gadgets come to Kitch in Mystic, CT.

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