Our High Curcumin Turmeric is grown by a cooperative of organic farmers in Nicaragua. At 7.9% curcumin, this is the highest curcumin content we’ve ever seen, almost double other well-sourced turmerics. Washed in cold water, unpeeled and sun-dried, it has a rich, sweet flavor perfect for teas, desserts and savory dishes. Add whole slices to grains and rice, beans, and stews, make tea with hot water or milk, or blend into smoothies.

  • Origin: Diriamba, Nicaragua
  • Aliases: Tumeric
  • Process: Sun-dried
  • Ingredients: 100% USDA Organic turmeric (Curcuma longa), unpeeled
  • Tasting notes: Carrot • Fresh Ginger • Dried Apricot


  • Add a few slices to your next pot of rice, beans, or stew
  • Boil in water with ginger slices for a stomach easing tea
  • Blend into smoothies, blended soups, or grate over meat dishes