Fantes Cousin Bertos 14-Inch Pizza Pan is the ideal cooking tool for making pizza at home. Made from heavyweight aluminum, it transfers heat evenly so that crusts cook to a perfect golden brown, every time. A wide rim allows home chefs to easily create ample pizza crust handles. Its reinforced beaded edge ensures a secure transfer into and out of the oven and prevents the pan from warping. Strong and durable, it will outlast thousands of uses at a wide range of temperatures (up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit). Whether using ready-made pizza or creating homemade pizza recipes, its perfect for family favorites, like cheese pizza, pepperoni and veggie pizza, or dietary alternatives, like paleo pizza, cauliflower crust, and gluten free pizza. Its great for baking breads, rolls, biscuits, flatbreads, scones, tortillas, and reheating leftover pizza.