The Best Wines To Pair With Quiches

Adding quiche to your brunch or dinner menu can be a great and versatile option.  But did you know that quiche—with its custardy filling set in a buttery pastry—is best with higher-acid reds or full-bodied but bright whites that will cut through all of that richness. No one wants to pair the wrong wine with their dish, instead you need to elevate the dish.

Champagne. You know you’ve tried this pairing at a cocktail party. Champagne’s bubbles, biscuity flavors and lemony acidity are made for quiche (including those little frozen ones). French sparkling wines like Crémant d’Alsace or Crémant de Bourgogne are also delicious.

Alsace Riesling. Rieslings from eastern France are concentrated and fruity but dry. They’re fantastic with the region’s famous dish, tart flambée, which makes them equally great with quiche that’s made with ham, bacon and other salty pork.

Beaujolais. This lighter-bodied, fruity red comes from near Lyon in France, where some of the country’s most animal-fat-laden dishes were born.It does an excellent job of keeping the palate refreshed and is especially delicious with a mushroom- or chicken-filled quiche.

It should be no surprise that French wines are best with this resolutely French dish! Let us know if you try any of these pairings!