Types of Spatula You Can’t Live Without

Spatulas are a kitchen tool that gets used practically every single day. This tool is a kitchen staple and we couldn’t imagine cooking without at least one. Some might think that you don’t need different types of spatulas, and that one good spatula is enough. That is not the case as each type of spatula has a different use. Plus can you ever really have too many spatulas? With so many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and each one has its own purpose.

Here are 4 types of spatula we can’t live without:

1. Fish Spatula

Now don’t be put off by the name. This slotted metal spatula is good for so much more than flipping fish. The blade is thin and flexible, but still relatively strong so it won’t bend under pressure. And the angled head and sharp edge make it useful for tricky turning scenarios.

2. Offset Spatula

An offset spatula is an essential baking tool, but don’t just use this spatula for icing cakes. You can actually use it for making sure cake batter gets evenly distributed and for loosening the edges when it comes out of the oven. A popular way to use it is to transfer cookies to the cooling rack and to flip pancakes in a pinch.

3. Silicone Spatula

It’s almost unfair to have just one category for the silicone spatula because it is so versatile. While a silicone spatula is a must use for those sticky bread doughs, it can also be useful if you’re making soups and stews and want to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom. Small versions are also great for digging the last bit of peanut butter from the jar. These spatulas are also heat-proof, which allows you to use them when making stir-fries. As we mentioned these spatuals tend to come in all shapes and sizes. So it can be handy to have multiple of this type of spatula in all different sizes.

4. The Flat Spatula of “Flatula”

Okay, so this is a made-up word, but you catch our drift. We’re talking about a flat spatula that comes in multiple material options like metal, silicone, or nylon. This is a great tool for easing under delicate subjects, for transferring from here to there, and even for smashing things down.