The merchandise we carry in store and the companies that make them.


The merchandise we carry in store and the companies that make them.

Welcome to Brushtech Inc

Founded in 1976, Brushtech Inc. manufactures a variety of unique twisted-in-wire brushes including:

1.  BBQ grill cleaning brushes.

2.  Wine glassware brushes for goblets, flutes and decanters.

3.  Kitchenware brushes for dishes, pots, pans, glasses and mugs.

4.  Appliance brushes to clean dryer vents ducts, remove lint from traps, as well as to clean microwaves, refrigerator coils and dishwashers.

5.  Plumbing brushes to clean toilets, clogged sink drains and waste food disposal.

6.  A vast variety of specialized tube brushes, with all kinds of diameters and lengths.

7.  Other brushes to clean hummingbird feeders, laboratory glassware, automotives, outdoor furniture and much much more.

The unique designs of our specialty brushes are useful, easy to use and desirable. All of our brushes are proudly Made in USA.

A note about the founder of Brushtech, Inc.

Armen Garo Gunjian’s American Dream started its journey at a hardware store with his first job in sales. Always the student and eager to learn everything about everything, he made it his priority to study the products he was selling in order to place the right ones into the hands of the right customers.

In time, with tools of knowledge and salesmanship he had gathered, he set out on his own, selling them door-to-door. And those doors opened! Armen listened to their specific needs.

After many years of experience in this school of hard knocks, one particular item in his arsenal was just not quite right to his standards and Armen got the idea to revolutionize it by setting forth to making brushes himself.