Rockerbox Spice

The merchandise we carry in store and the companies that make them.

Rockerbox Spice

The merchandise we carry in store and the companies that make them.


I’m Raema, the founder of Rockerbox Garlic. I started drying my own garlic and onion powders because I wanted to create real, pure garlic powder that actually tasted like fresh garlic. When I think of fresh garlic, I still think of my grandpa. He and my grandma grew garlic on their farm in Webster, N.Y. for many years — just like his parents and grandparents had. For my grandpa, that garlic was the pride of all his crops, and is what he was known for. The license plate on his pickup truck said “AGLIO,”which means garlic in Italian. I remember the hours he and my grandma would spend peeling and cleaning to reveal the beautiful white bulbs underneath, and the time my great-grandma Rama (my namesake) would spend braiding the long leaves. The rafters of their barn hung with braids of curing garlic. He liked to make me laugh by biting into a raw clove, and would roast them in foil on the grill just so the rest of us could experience the unadulterated taste of pure, homegrown garlic. 

Most garlic and onion powders on store shelves are only about half garlic: the rest is fillers and additives, peels and roots. Their flavor didn’t even compare to fresh garlic. But what most people don’t know is that pure, fresh seasoning spices boast a flavor even stronger than fresh garlic or onions.  Pure spices have simply been dried and concentrated into a “dust.” That’s why my garlic & onion powders list only one ingredient; they don’t contain any additives or fillers that produce a off-flavors or granular texture. This philosophy can be carried over to all alliums, which is why I’m proud to produce a full line of different varieties of onion powders. Yellow onion, green onion, and shallot powders each have their own unique flavor profiles, which is why I believe that when you reach for onion powder, you should have the same range of options you would have when you use different types of fresh onions.



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